Sometimes the reaction is all the action you need.

I agree with Larry Keane of the NSSF

While we are disappointed that the nicely-produced Daniel Defense commercial will not run on national television during the Super Bowl, we are very pleased to see the attention being paid to the decision of a major sport’s management that seems so out of touch with the pro-Second Amendment sentiments of so many football fans across the country.

The point of the ad was to make a point. Selling rifles was secondary, what this ad does what put Daniel Defense = Black Rifle, and it works for that purpose very well. 

And it’s had almost as much exposure as a Super Bowl ad, without the added expense of actually showing it during the big game. 


Update: Don’t get me wrong, I think the NFL is a bunch of hypocrites for running BUSHELS of ads for movies and games that feature hours and hours of irresponsible gun use and not an ad for one that does. I think the way Daniel Defense played this, though, turned it into a win-win situation for them.