Speaking of SHOT and new guns…

logo_CZ-USAWhen is CZ going to realize there’s a huge CCW market here in the states and come out with a smaller, lighter gun suitable for CCW? Don’t get me wrong, I loves me my P07, but it’s just not as comfortable to wear day-in, day-out as my Shield. 

What would I want from CZ for a CCW gun? 

  • Skinny. Because CZ’s put their rails on the inside, they tend to be a bit thicker than comparable guns. Maybe a single-stack would be a good idea, if not, stack and a half like the Shield.
  • 9mm. Duh.
  • The Omega Trigger*. SA/DA or single action with a safety. Great idea, darn good trigger. 
  • 10+1 capacity. Because IDPA. 
  • Polymer, because as much as I love my CZ75, it’s just not an option for daily carry for me.
  • Overall dimensions in the Glock 19 range. 

Ok CZ, now go build this. 

* The Omega Trigger would make a GREAT name for a movie on the SyFy channel