Alton Brown, Larry Vickers and you.

So this little bit of deep was trolled out for our amusement yesterday.

Update: Shockingly, the video has been removed. I guess displaying your bad idea for all the world to see doesn’t pay off in the long run. This is the item we’re talking about

Tam does an excellent takedown of all that’s wrong with this idea, but to me, this is just another unitasker: A tool, as TV chef Alton Brown describes it, that is designed only to do one thing. Alton Brown hates them, and so should you, because it is better to have a mindset and skill set that adapts to the task at hand rather than a tool that can’t adapt to any other task besides the one it’s designed for.

Do unitaskers sell well? Absolutely. Are they the mark of someone who has mistaken competence for purchasing power? That too.

There is nothing wrong with wanting (and using) new gadgets, but thinking that a new toy will replace training or practice is a quick path to some bad places.

Speaking of training, the Unitasker rule applies here as well. If the Tier One L33T TacOps class your in spends a half day on, say, how to shoot zombies from a helicopter with an M249 SAW, you’re in the wrong class. Good training is applicable over a wide variety of situations and not focused on one specific threat or scenario.