Do me a favour,

Superior is not.

A photo I shot of a desolate place in the desolate town of Superior, AZ.

If I ever fall into the trap of tearing something or somebody down just for the thrill of doing so or to be “controversial”, call me out on it. Please.

Email me: Kevin at exurbanleague com and let me know. 

I’ve been asked what I hate the most in this world, and while my frivolous answer is “Light beer, astroturf and the designated hitter rule”, the fact is, what I rail against the most is nihilism. 

Nihilism (philosophy) A. an extreme form of skepticism: the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth. b. nothingness or nonexistence.

Some of the best photos I’ve taken are of things that are slowly disintegrating and falling apart, because there’s a lot of art to be found in watching something fall to pieces.

But that doesn’t mean I go out and break stuff just to take a picture of it. 

The same is true of writing about guns or writing about anything else. It’s easy to tear something down: Even the most painstaking and careful implosions take a fraction of the time to destroy a building that it takes to build one from the ground up. Championing a cause and being for something is always harder than tearing an idea down to the ground.

All guns are not created equal, and there some that fulfill their intended purpose better than others. But saying “1911s/Glocks suck, and let me explain why” is the easy way out. Getting a name for being controversial is easy, as Miley Cyrus is proving right now. But will she be remembered 50 years from now as well as Patsy Cline is remembered today?

I’m guessing “No”.

Besides, we all know that CZ’s are better than either of those guns. 😀