Assume I’m not a gun enthusiast. Now sell me a gun.

Let’s roll down the list, shall we?

  • The Glock 42 comes out in the heretical caliber of .380 ACP instead of the 9mm like everyone who’s ever left a comment on a gunblog wants. Nevermind that the gun is an excellent option for first-time gun owners, it should have been in 9mm because, um, BECAUSE!
  • A casual comment about how frustrating it is to shop for guns by price gets some traction on the gun Internet. Why? Well, because it IS frustrating to shop for guns by price, that’s why.
  • An article on letting women choose their carry guns from a wide carry guns rather than just slapping a pink-handled .38 on the counter and telling women that’s gun for them turns into the most-popular article in the history of Shooting
  • The future of gun rights isn’t just pounding Illegal Mayors Against Guns into submission, it’s also winning over the middle, i.e. the casual gun owner who likes guns but is no expert on owning them and/or the Second Amendment. By doing so, we will make MAIG, CSGV and the Brady completely irrelevant.

Making a connection here? Maybe it’s time to start thinking that being a gun owner means you’re not an expert on proper dust-cover length for a 1911 or you’re tactical enough to suit up for Khandahar at this very instant. Maybe being a gun owner just means you own a gun and like shooting it. There’s a lot of expert knowledge out there (and a lot people who think they’re experts), but for a lot of new gun owners, a gun is just one way of showing they’re a responsible adult who likes shooting and gun ownership. 

Don’t assume everyone who comes into your store or visits your site is ( or wants to be) Todd Jarrett, Jim Shockey, Chris Costa or Kim Rhode, and you’ll build loyal customers who will come back to you when/if they DO get to that level.