Spend your money on nothing and the derp’s for free.

Or, derp sells, but who’s buying?

See this class? This is just the kind of firearms training you don’t want to take.

  • Small 30 Person Classes
  • Real Training Against Real Opposition
  • Taught By An SOF Operator

“Small 30 person classes”?!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. I’ve taken one class that had 30 people in it with 4 instructors, and quite frankly, it wasn’t worth my time.

And then there’s this

Hello derpiness, my old friend.

Double the lethality? Isn’t that called a double-tap?

Yeah… Thanks, but no thanks.

If you want to pay $500 bucks to spend two days re-enacting the battle of Fallujah, go ahead, there are worse ways to spend your time and money. Just don’t call it firearms training for civilians.

Look, I’m sure the operator who’s teaching this class served with honor doing stuff I don’t ever, ever want to do or could do, but don’t confuse what you’ll be doing with the type of firearms training that’s actually useful for living as a civilian in America. Spend it on pistol classes that work for you, not for Seal Team Six.