The Safest Way to Store Your Gun In Your Home Is…

… the safest and easiest and quickest way to store your gun outside your home. 

On your person. Duh. 

When I mention in an online forum that I yes, I carry a pistol on me when I’m at home, people who are otherwise ok with concealed carry will ask “Why would you carry at home? Are you that paranoid?!” 

Well, no. And yes. Yes, I am aware of the face that whether it’s inside or outside the home, a cop WILL NOT be around when I need one, so why would I think that rules that keep me safe outside of the home (namely, having a gun ON me, not sorta near me) would NOT protect me when I’m inside the home? If, God forbid, I’m faced with a home invasion, it’s going to happen with the speed and surprise of a mugging and not be telegraphed in advance. Therefore, I carry at home, and when I go to sleep, I look up my guns in a quick-access gun safe. Having a gun on or in the nightstand might be faster, but for me, with my family, that’s a option I’m not prepared to go with right now. Yes, on the day (or night) that I need it, it would be faster, but on every other day of my life, it’s a risk I’m not willing to take.