You are not alone.

I really need to to do this

“While *I* had plans, procedures, and safety checks… I hadn’t made her aware of them in enough detail. With her not being a shooter, I had covered a few basics, assured her ability and judgement where safety is concerned, and left it at that.

My mistake, and one rectified as quickly as I arrived home. The noise? Some critter in the night perhaps, but never a threat or bother. She was just being careful. You can be assured… I announced myself before I walked in (g).

What I hadn’t explained well enough to her was this; In my ‘home defense weapon’ plans, every pistol available (without unlocking something complicated) is in the same condition.”

I am guilty of the same thing: My wife can shoot, and shoot well. What she doesn’t know (and solely due to my inaction) is how the home defenses are set up. This is not good, and it will be rectified immediately.