Not Just Armed America, But Empowered America


The New York Police Department is hearing from the citizenry, whether it wants to or not.

A seemingly innocuous call to action by the New York City Police Department backfired in extraordinary fashion Tuesday. In a tweet, the NYPD asked Twitter users to share pictures of them posing with a police officer with the hashtag “myNYPD.” 

The responses came fast and furious — but they were likely not what the police department had in mind. In a flurry of digital defiance, scores of users uploaded images appearing to show potential police brutality and other unflattering behavior.

The people who serve and protect just got served. You’d think that in the 20+ years since the Rodney King video, the police would have figured out that if (not when, but if) they step over the line, they WILL be filmed doing it. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, we are now empowered to not just consume news wherever we are, but create it as well

The deer now have guns. The people who once were victims are now empowered. 20 years ago, after the passage of the Assault Weapons Ban, if you had told people then that the AR-15 would become America’s most popular rifle and that any new gun control legislation would be laughed out of Congress, you’d be locked up and sent to the looney bin.

What’s gun ownership in America gonna look like 20 years from now? Damifino. Maybe we’ll have universal reciprocity, maybe not. Maybe the ridiculous laws over NFA weapons will be lifted, maybe not. I do know we have a generation who’s grown up playing Call Of Battlefield Honor (or whatever) and are accustomed to guns in a virtual world. They’ve also grown up playing airsoft and paintball and have Nerf guns that are more tactical than all of my father-in-laws hunting firearms put together

Think they’re going to be happy living in Michael Bloomberg’s world? Me neither.