2015 SHOT Show Predictions


Ok, since RTB started things off, and my track record is pretty good at this sort of thing, my predictions…

  • Ruger:
    – A re-vamped, re-worked SR-9, maybe modular with an eye to going after the Army contract.
    – More lightweight revolvers.
    – Scout Rifle in .300BLK.
  • Smith & Wesson
    – JM Signature versions of the M&P Core.
    – JM Signature M&P Rifles.
    – New rail options for the M&P Rifles.
  • Sig Sauer
    – No new info regarding products, but I expect them to sign another pro shooter.
  • Remington
    – The R51 will be coming out as soon as they fix it. Again.
    – More Tracking Point integration.
  • Kel-Tec
    – Maybe new colors for the KSG, but I’m not expecting much that’s new from them.
  • CZ-USA
    – More Dan Wesson revolvers.
    – A release date for the BREN rifle.
    – More new rimfire rifles (Left-handed versions, please?).
    – And hopefully (HOPEFULLY) something to play in the mini-9mm/CCW market.
  • FN-USA
    – Prototype pistol for the Army contract.
    – SCAR updates
  • Winchester
    – More additions to the Train And Defend line of ammo

In general, if 2013 was the year of “Oh crap, will we be in business next year?” and 2014 was the year of “Okay, here’s the guns we WANTED to show you last year”, I expect 2015 to be the year of “Hello, ladies!”, with a big emphasis on selling the sport to women.