First Gun, Favorite Gun, Next Gun?

S&W K22 and ammo

Borrowing from my friend Jon Gabriel and from Joe Mantegna

What was your first gun, your favorite gun and your next gun?

And by favorite, I mean in terms of sentimental value, i.e. the gun that shows up the most in lies stories that you tell.


The first gun that I owned, the first one that I bought with my own money, is my beloved pre-B CZ75. I’d shot a lot of guns before that, but they were always somebody else’s.

My favorite gun is the K22 that used to belong to my father-in-law. I love this gun. I love its history. I love its wear. I love how it shoots. There is nothing about it I don’t like.

My next gun will probably be a Kel-Tec CMR30. I’m endlessly fascinated by this gun, as I think it’s the very first affordable “civilian” personal defense weapon out there. Want one. Badly.

I said “affordable”, FNH. Please sit back down.

Ok, your First, Favorite, Next?