Building the perfect beast

Sig P320<

Noodling more about what I won’t see at SHOT this year has got me thinking about what my perfect handgun would look like. Allow me a few minutes of navel(lint) gazing…

First, it’d have be built with modularity in mind. I’m not a big fan of having to buy a new gun anytime I want something different. One of the reasons why the AR-15 has become so popular is because it can be made into almost anything quickly, easily and semi-afforably.

Modularity means more than just backstraps, it means being able to build my gun, my way. I REALLY like what Sig is doing with the 320, but I’d take it one step further and just sell the serialized trigger group by itself, with no pieces parts in it all, much like an AR-15 lower is sold today. An AR15 lower, to borrow a phrase from the honey badger, doesn’t care. It doesn’t know if you’re building a direct impingement gun or a gas piston gun. It doesn’t know if you’re putting in a Geissele trigger or a Timney trigger or if it’ll end up in .22LR, .223 or .300BLK. It’s just a lower, it doesn’t care.

We’re not there with pistols yet, but the Modular Handgun System is a step in the right direction. What happens when that idea is taken to its logical end? What happens when I walk into a store and buy a trigger group, and then pick and choose from frames, calibers, sights, accessories, barrel lengths and maybe even action types, a la the CZ Omega trigger?

Trigger-wise, I’m on the fence re: DA/SA or striker-fired. I think the Omega trigger (Wasn’t that the title of a Ludlum thriller from the 70’s? I digress…), is an interesting and overlooked idea. Striker-fired guns are nothing new, they’ve been around for almost 100 years, but they never took off until Glock made them teh new hotness, so there is precedence for a good idea to just sit there laying around in plain sight for many, many years until somebody does something with it.

We’ve never had a pistol that’s as adaptable as an AR, and it’s going to be interesting to see what happens when we do. Sales of lowers hasn’t affected sales of prebuilt AR’s, so there’s no reason to think that sales of pistol trigger groups would cannibalize “regular” pistol sales, because some people want to just buy a gun, not a Lego set.

Ok gun companies, go for it.