Let Me Tell You How To Save Your Family's Life

Thinking more about yesterday’s post, maybe we in the training community aren’t selling products for the people in our classrooms, maybe we’re selling to the people who AREN’T in our classrooms.

A comparison.

What if life insurance was sold on the idea that there is cancer, traffic accidents, meteor strikes, whatever, so in order to be safe, you need to buy life insurance? Nobody would buy it, because we don’t buy life insurance for ourselves, we buy it for our beneficiaries.

Ditto with self-protection training and guns.

The closest I’ve seen any firearms company come to approaching this basic fact of WHY Gun Culture 2.0 buys guns is this ad for Daniel Defense.

Positive. Open. Friendly. The message of “Guns are what I use to defend the people I love the most” comes through loud and clear, a message that relates very strongly with me.

I wonder if it’s just me, or is this a message that we’re not sending out to our customers?

Update: A commenter on Facebook suggested that because the Daniel Defense ad was shut out of the Super Bowl, it was a failure.

Au contraire.

I contend, it was never MEANT to air during the Super Bowl. The point of the ad was to mainstream the ownership of AR-15’s, and because the shutout became the story, this ad played for free on darn near every entire libertarian/conservative new media and old media outlet in existence. Daniel Defense was able to advertise to their target market and get Super Bowl-level exposure without having to pay Super Bowl-level ad prices.