On track, on target, out of touch.

There’s an unfortunate tendency in some training circles to poo-poo the idea of “situational awareness” as a defensive tool.

“Situational awareness isn’t going to work”, they say, “You WILL be surprised by an attacker, and as such, you need to be ready to react to the bad guy and take charge of the situation.”

As with most things, there is an element of truth to this. As armed civilians, we don’t go out hunting for trouble like the cops do, trouble (unfortunately) finds us, so of course we’ll most likely be reacting to a situation and need to work on dealing with our startle response.

But that doesn’t mean that situational awareness isn’t an absolutely vital part of the armed lifestyle.

Take a moment to watch this video. Yes, I know, it’s aboot hockey, but watch what happens after the interview when the participants get to spend some quality time with Lord Stanley’s Cup. Two minutes into it, one fan stays true to the task she was assigned, and spends minute after minute filling out paperwork, blissfully unaware that one her life’s greatest dreams is sitting mere feet away from her.

She had a task to perform, and that task took 100% of her attention. Nothing else mattered, all she was worried about was filling out that paperwork. The Leprechaun Liberation Army could have been in the room, waiting to perform Irish jihad on her @$$, and she would have missed them and ended up as dead as disco.

Is situational awareness cloaking shield that stops you from having anything bad happen to you?
Does it help stop bad things before they happen?
Absolutely yes.