Pistols are Catholic. AR-15's are Protestant.*

At my shop, we have a wall pretty much 100% dedicated to AR-15’s …

The Cool Wall

… and a yards-long display case dedicated to 1911’s.


One is the most popular model of rifle in America today, and the other is a very popular design of pistol that has served this country for decades.

The thing is, though, I can pretty much mix and match components out of all the guns on the AR wall. Spike’s lower with a CMMG upper with a Troy hand guard? No problem!

Try doing something similar with a 1911, without the services of a gunsmith and CNC milling machine. And God help you if you want to mix and mingle parts from polymer guns from different manufacturers.

How come if I want to buy a pistol I must make a commitment to a single cause, to a single manufacturer, but if I want to buy an AR, the sky is the limit? Why must I worship at the One True Church of CZ for a pistol, when my AR gets to pick and chose from a rich banquet of theology and/or gun parts?

Sig is showing us that no, your gun does NOT have to be a closed system. Want to change calibers or frame sizes? Go right ahead. Maybe someday, we’ll be having S&W slides on a Ruger frame. Until then, the heretics will get burned, and Glock devotees can worship at the feet of Gaston in peace, knowing that their faith is unquestioned.

For now.

* Quite the catchy headline, no? Blame Umberto Eco for it.