"It's just a training issue".

… so there was a dust up earlier this week between a very famous firearms trainer / expert whose credentials are beyond reproach and a bunch of other famous firearms trainers over the topic of carrying a firearms in an inside-the-waistband appendix holster.


Is it more dangerous to carry up front near your appendix? Of course it is.

We know by experience what happens if you have a negligent discharge with a gun carried in an outside the waistband holster: You get a hole in your leg (and possibly your foot) and your video gets posted on YouTube for everyone to mock.

Have a negligent discharge with a gun near your appendix, though, and there’s a lot more things at risk than just your ego. Is that risk real? Yes. Can it be mitigated with training? Yes. Is it worth the effort?

*thoughtful pause*

For me, no. I just don’t think the benefits outweigh the risks. Other people who I respect have looked at that same equation and reached a different conclusion, and that’s fine. We’re dealing with opinion here, and we aren’t going to have mathematical proof that one way is better than another.

If one trainer wants to ban AIWB in classes, cool, don’t train with him. If another trainer insists that everyone should switch to AIWB, cool, don’t train with him (or her) either. The path to personal safety is broad and has many gates. Leave the “straight and narrow” talk for the preacher on Sunday morning.