Firearms Innovation, Part Two

Let’s talk for a moment about the Taurus Judge and its intellectual equivalent, the Smith&Wesson Governor.

Those guns have been pretty much proven to be an evolutionary dead-end because a) They never really had a defined role outside of “Hey, look what we can do with .410!” and b) They’re not fun guns to shoot. Pick one up, play with it and shoot it and you’ll see what I mean. No amount of Hogue grips or Crimson Trace lasers can change the fact that they’re big, heavy and hard to shoot accurately under stress.

Again, ever see a Judge in a training class?

Nothing about the Judge has been picked up and carried on to other guns. Because of their size and the cost of the ammo they use, the Judge and the Governor don’t encourage regular practice, and are not really something you’d want to carry on a regular basis. They are, at best, a talisman of self-protection, and that’s about it. Because they’re not used regularly, they give off a warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ve done something to protect yourself and your family from the threat of lethal force, and that’s all. The Judge and the Governor are to self-protection what have “go fast” stripes on your car are to automotive performance: They’re there to boost your ego, not increase your performance.

Part the Third Tomorrow: The Exception to the Rule.