There is no such thing as trigger jerk.

Or at least, not in my experience. The action that we talk about as “trigger jerk” might be better diagnosed as “sight picture impatience”, or not believing that your sights will remain on-target when the gun fires so you have to take the shot right this very instant, which leads to a quick, ragged pull on the trigger and a shot that hits low and left.

Ever jerk the trigger during shooting from retention or “point shooting”? I thought not.

This is why it’s so hard to diagnose during dry-fire, because we can wait for the sights to settle down and take our time pulling the trigger.

Personally, I’ve found that getting a good sight picture, then deciding to shoot but not actually pulling the trigger and waiting to see that yes, that shot is still there a second later (then pulling the trigger) is doing wonders for curing my jerk. The problem isn’t pulling the trigger, the problem is not believing the sight picture will be there when you need it, and you get impatient.

But that’s just me. Maybe your experience is different.