Gunsite. With frickin’ lasers*.

Kudos to Crimson Trace, they know how to run a contest that people actually WANT to win, versus “Give us your email and we’ll send you a bunch of crap we can’t sell.”

The Gunsite Academy 250 Defensive Pistol Course is known as “The Gunsite Experience”. First presented in 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper, 250 graduates will be well-grounded in the Modern Technique of the Pistol. The Crimson Trace Gunsite 250 Pistol course covers the complete 250 doctrine, while adding in the practical use of laser sights.

One lucky winner (and guest of their choice) will receive airfare, course registration fees, and lodging. The course is scheduled for October 12-16, 2015.

Enter here, and good luck.

*Sharks and/or ill-tempered sea bass optional.