Unorthodox church

Thinking about a couple of sacred cows within the firearms training industry…

  1. “Don’t reduce the trigger pull on your carry gun: Prosecutors will call it a ‘hair trigger’ and use it against you.”
    Maybe. Of course, night sights could also prove that you wanted to shoot somebody from surprise at night, and hollow-point ammo is proof you wanted to kill someone dead right there and then.
    Or maybe all three are evidence you wanted to stop a threat to your life as quickly and as accurately as possible.
    A gun with a good trigger is more accurate and produces fewer unintended hits on innocent bystanders, night sights allow you to hit a threat in less-than-ideal conditions, and hollow points are better at stopping a threat than anything else. Those last two are not an uphill legal battle, and let’s face it; accurate guns are better for everyone involved in a shootout.
    Except the shootee.
  2. “Shooting practical pistol gets you accustomed to just getting two hits on a target and moving on.”
    Ever shot steel? Ever missed a pepper popper at 20 yards? Every match I’ve shot has had at least one steel target somewheres on it, and nothing teaches you to evaluate the effects of your rounds on a target like having the “ping” of a hit a splat of lead on your target confirming you did the job right. Is competitive shooting a game? Yes. So is Call of Duty. which also features all kinds of fun guns like AR’s and modern service pistols. Despite that, I don’t try and and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A and go around searching for health packs and power ups when I have my AR in my hands because I’m smart enough to realize when I’m gaming and when I’m not.
    Maybe, then, I’m smart enough to figure out when I’m on a stage at a match, and when I’m not.