My Name Is Legion.

Interesting new stuff from SIG

Painstakingly engineered and enhanced for the discerning few with the same warrior spirit that inspired it. We have always given professionals what they need. Now, we are giving them what they want.

Essentially, this a new series of guns from SIG, starting with the P226, P229 and P226 Single Action Only (SAO). The guns were designed based off feedback from people in the field who used the darn things day in, day out and include a wide range of accessories available only to people who “join the legion”.*

A few first impressions:

  • The guns look nice, with a lot of useful improvements like smoothed contours, undercut trigger guards, rails and powder-coated finishes.
  • Not only do they look nice, but the triggers on them should be some of the best that SIG’s ever made, with Short Reset Triggers that have been worked over by the indubitable Bruce Gray.
  • Value on them looks pretty good, with a lot of the upgrades from the Elite series and other custom work at a decent price.
  • While it’s starting out with three pistols in common use with police and military units around the world, the Firearm Blog is reporting that the Legion brand will extend to rifles and other SIG products as well. I’m just guessing here, but I fully expect to see a P226 Legend model with a fully integrated SIG Romeo 1 sight on it at SHOT next year, along with Legend-branded P320 pistols and MCX/MPX rifles.
  • The accessories are a step (or five!) above the usual re-branded ITAR stuff that SIG sells, with top rank manufacturers like Surefire, Peltor and some very nice knife makers getting on-board the Legion bandwagon.

Speaking of which, the “Join The Legion” bit is very interesting, as it’s the first time someone has tried to launch a premium lifestyle brand based around tactical firearms. Glock could have done something similar ten years ago or so, but they were too busy hauling money to the bank to come up with new ideas. Browning has had TREMENDOUS success with moving their brand into non-gun areas (so much so they are now probably more about camping gear than they are bang-bang) and now SIG is trying something similar. It’s a sign of a maturing market in the tactical firearms industry that we can think about adding other things into our lifestyle based solely on a tactical firearms brand. It’s also interesting that it’s a premium, “members only” brand designed to play up exclusivity and the quality of gear. SIG’s got enough irons in the fire that I can easily see them adding in Legion-only training videos and live events into the mix for added value. This one will be interesting to watch and see if it turns into a movement within the larger firearms industry.

* Does that mean if they turn into a fanboy, they get legionnaire’s disease? I kid, I jest.