Trigger warning

Tam talks about the joys of taking an Ernest Langdon class, and I’m intrigued by what he’s teaching. I’m realizing more and now that you can take all the tactical classes you want, but if you cannot put rounds on-time and on-target, all the sooper-sekrit ninja moves in the world do you little, if any good. The same is true with practical shooting: You can practice your splits all you want and have a draw time measured in picoseconds, but if you go Delta-Mike on a target, you’re screwed.

“As a portion of the shooting community, advanced competitive shooters can generally run any given firearm (more) proficiently than their peers. No, they may not have a tactically sound or particularly defensive mindset, but they can drive their gun like they freaking stole it.”

John Swearigan

I should also mention that I’ve trained in all the styles and shoot each of the sports in this video, and I recommend each of them whole-heartedly. But keep the main thing the main thing, which is hitting the target.