Casual carry

Sometimes you can’t carry what you carry everyday, and considering how I wrote the book on concealed carry in the office, here’s what I have with me when I need to play dress up.

Concealed carry at the office

Clockwise from upper left

While this is obviously nowhere near the amount of gear I have with me when I’m not wearing my business clothes, it’s enough to to the job. Besides my gun, I have spare ammo, my phone, a knife (or at least a sharp object) on the multi-tool and a flashlight app on my phone. There are four things I recommend you should carry besides your gun, and this gear has that covered (sorta). If I were to change anything, I’d add in a real knife into the mix to make up for the limitations of the multitool, and maybe a Photon Micro or similar flashlight on my keychain. The gear up there is not what would chose to carry day in, day out, but sometimes you bend instead of breaking.