What would victory look like?

We’re winning. All over the country (except in certain parts of the halls of power in Washington, D.C.), people are realizing that they are going to be their own first responder. We are winning: We’re taking back Guam and Sicily, we’re holding our ground and starting to win back territory we lost a long time ago.

But what would victory look like? We obviously aren’t going to get rid of hoplophobia, anymore than we can get rid of arachnaphobia or other irrational fears*. We still have to deal with Neo-Nazis seventy years after Hitler decided to inhale a 7.62 round through his nasal cavity, so we’ll always have to deal with people who think they’ll be safer if everyone is reduced to pummeling each other with their fists. So what would victory in the war on guns look like?

Somethings I’d look for as indicators that we’ve rolled them back to a place where they can’t win are…

  • Nationwide CCW reciprocity (We might actually get this in the next few years)…
  • Doubling the number of states with Constitutional Carry
  • Suprressors become AOW’s (heck, they shouldn’t be on the NFA list at all)…
  • Repeal of the Hughes Amendment
  • Roll the NFA process into NICS checks, maybe even repeal the darn thing altogether

Your suggestions?

* I don’t believe that a deep, deep fear of spiders is irrational, but YMMV.