New Year's Shootey Goals

How’d I do on last year’s goals? Mixed results. I didn’t dry-fire as much as I wanted to because of the 11 hour workdays I put in at the range (the pay was low, the workplace environment was brutal, but at the least the hours were long!). Nevertheless, I know my skills have improved significantly because of the work I’ve put in since then. I honestly don’t know if I’m B class USPSA / Sharpshooter IDPA or not because, I haven’t shot a Classifier in almost a year, but that will change next month as the new job is a half-hour away from the Hansen Range which has IDPA on Monday nights and USPSA on Thursdays. I got no DOPE on the rifle because the closest range longer than 200 yards is 2+ hours away, but I did shoot a couple of matches with the TacCom shotshell holders, (me likey), and I’ve got a pistol-caliber carbine coming to me in the next few weeks (yay!) so I can FINALLY tick off that item on the wish list.

This year’s goals:

  • Make B Class in USPSA
  • Make at least Sharpshooter in IDPA
  • 30 minutes of dryfire practice every other day
  • 30 minutes of gym every other day
  • Buy a 1911 for Single Stack / CDP
  • Replace my 3 Gun shotgun with something else