What Have I Changed My Mind On?

Grant Cunningham asks “What have you changed your mind about in 2015?”.


The utility of a trunk gun: They’re not for active shooters, they’re for getting home or to another location when a pistol just ain’t enough. If you think you’re going to have time to go out to your car, retrieve your rifle and go all first-person shooter on the active shooter, you’re wrong.

The importance of making the shot in a defensive situation: Namely, realizing it’s the ONLY thing that matters. You can do all the tac-fu moves you want before, during and after pulling the trigger, but if you miss, it means nothing. Work on making the shot on-demand, then work on getting smoothly in and out of (sub)urban prone.

The need to be physically fit: Part of my hesitation to get fit was based on years of watching Angus Hobdell and Rob Leatham shoot. They are… not skinny, and they’re tremendously good shooters. However, there’s really no area of my life that wouldn’t benefit from me hitting the gym. I’d shoot better: I compared scores from a recent match, and the difference in score between me and an A class shooter was in how fast we moved from shooting position to shooting position and our splits. Our points were identical, it was the movement and splits that made the difference. The split time I can work on with practice and dry-fire, the movement I’ll need to work on in the gym. Plus there’s all the run away from trouble faster / live longer benefits as well.

Ok, what light bulbs went off in your head in 2015?