I Support Open Carry but…

If that’s your argument, then you don’t support open carry.

For example, I don’t want to muzzle the morons who spout off in favour of Marx or Mein Kampf, I want to drown out their nonsense with better ideas. I don’t want to ban morons from open-carrying SKS’s at low ready into a Jack-in-the-Box, I want to drown them out with people who carry great pistols in nice leather holsters.

After all, when was the last time you heard someone say that sticking a fork into a toaster was a good idea? Eventually, time and evolution work together to weed out the dumb ideas and the dumb people. Open carry is normal in Arizona because normal people act normally while carrying their firearm in the open.

EVERY firearms owner should support open carry because NOTHING integrates guns into a culture more than the sight of guns on the hips of friends and neighbors whom you trust without guns on their hips. Don’t make the open carry argument about the gun, make it about the people who carry guns.

And I got to be honest, that’s something we’re not good at right now.