Match Report, USPSA at Hansen Range, 030616

Two matches in a week! Rob Leatham, watch yer @$$!

Unfortunately, that does it for me for the month, as we’ll be moving and I need to pack. Highlight of the match was DEFINITELY introducing two new shooters to the sport. They were enthusiastic, shot pretty well and want to come back again as soon as possible.


As for me, I did… ok. I’m not paying enough attention to target types and I’m falling back into the bad habit of shooting easy targets and harder targets at the same cadence. Fortunately, that’s easily fixed, and I know how to fix it.

Roll tape!

Those final four shots onto two paper target are what did me in, as I ended up with Alpha Mike on both of them, but my performance was good enough for a Stage Win in Production, beating A and B class shooters.

I’ll take it.