Seeing The Horror First-Hand

An interesting perspective on what it takes to survive an active shooter, from someone who’s survived more than one drive-by shooting.

Little did I know that hip hop culture and growing up during those times would lay the groundwork for me to prepare for the ever increasing threat of Active Killer and ISIS terrorist attacks. Like many who grew up in these areas during that time, I’ve personally experienced being at a house party, park jam or basketball game when all of a sudden, gunfire. Instantly, in a panic, people began to run in all directions, shouting and screaming with no clear thought other than “escape”, furthering the chaos of whatever violence sparked the frenzy.

In a recent conversation with Claude Werner, I coined the term “Sudden Shooter Events” (SSE) and can think of no less than eight I was caught smack dab in the middle of. Now, fast forward 25-30 years later, and I see correlations between these events and news accounts of active killer and terrorist events.

Read the whole thing, it’s worth your time. And note the difference between “getting out” and “getting to safety”. If there’s a mass stampede towards the exits, you are not getting closer to being safe, you’re getting closer to being dead.