How Does This Gun Make You Feel?

Byte_Front_Cover_December_1975so Harris Publications went Tango-Uniform. I’m disappointed, because friends of mine are owed money that they now aren’t going to collect. It’s surprising, but not unexpected. The websites for Combat Handguns, etc, were right out of Web 1.0, with no comments and little opportunity for reader interaction. So much for web-magazine synergy.

Moreover, just about every gun magazine in the Harris portfolio talked about guns as just guns, not guns in the context of everyday activities.

Remember “Byte”? What about “Compute!” or even “Macworld”? When was the last time you sat down and read a magazine about computers? The last time I came close to reading a computer-oriented magazine was the early, pre-web days of “Wired”, when they weren’t really sure what the digital future was going to be like. Then the Internet happened, and Wired played catch-up for a few years until they got the hang of what a digital lifestyle was all about.

Which media properties are leading the charge of guns as a lifestyle? Well, no one, really. Not yet. Recoil is probably closest, but it’s really just a “lad’s magazine” with 5.56 substituting for 36-24-36. There’s no magazine out there right now talking about there talking about guns as lifestyle accessory, they all talk about the gun itself as the reason to own a gun. It’s the difference between being PC World and PC Gamer: One talked about just hardware and is now online-only, the other talks about what you DO with the hardware, and is still putting out magazines.

Update: Richard Johnson informs me that the staff of Harris Publications says that outstanding invoices will be paid. I regret the error. I also regret eating that gas station hot dog on the way to the range yesterday.

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