NRA Annual Meeting, Day Two

Yesterday was a whirlwind of long walks, new guns, seminars and meeting old friends.

I got caught in the traffic outside the meeting yesterday, and I quickly determined that my best option was to park outside the venue and take a ten-minute walk into the Expo center and avoid the lines.

I managed to get a few minutes to walk the floor and see what’s new, and because all the manufacturers are busy selling all the products they can possibly make so there’s no real reason for them to introduce new products to increase demand.


New from Smith&Wesson is a .45ACP version of their tremendous little compact pistol. I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite using a larger-diameter round than the 9mm version, it loses only one round of capacity.


Also new is the exquisitely built Nighthawk revolvers from Korth. These guns combine the engineering passion that Germans are famous for with Nighthawk’s scrupulous attention to detail. If an AMG GT S could spit .357 rounds, it would look like this gun.


One unique feature of this revolver is that it has an optional cylinder that takes 9mm ammunition without with moon clips, The gun has a smooth trigger that’s a joy to pull.

In the afternoon, I ducked into Col. Dave Grossman’s “Sheepdog!” Seminar. As the originator of the “sheepdog” concept, he is to gun culture what Col. Jeff Cooper is to gun training, however, I was tried, sick and to be honest, wasn’t hearing anything from the Colonel that was knocking my socks off, so I went back to my hotel and took a nap.

Saturday night was the “Michael Buys The Beer” party, and I had a great time hanging out the likes of Paul Erhardt, Joyce Wilson, Mike Seeklander and a bunch of others.

Today, I’m waiting for the show floor to open and items on the agenda are meeting up with David Yamane and later, a seminar taught by John Lott.