Long Range Day

One of the more sucky things about Southwest Florida is that the are no long-distance ranges here. Louland goes out only to 100 yards, Hansen tops out at 200 yards and while Altair can go out to a mile, unless you eat snakes, it’s off-limits on non-match days.

This does not make me happy. In Phoenix, Rio Salado and Phoenix Rod and Gun both went out to 500 yards, and Ben Avery topped out at an even thousand. In Missouri, I had the Owensville Gun Club pretty much all to myself whenever I wanted it, which went out to 600 yards.

In this part of Florida, though, there just aren’t the options to stretch it out, which means I have to drive 100+ miles up to Manatee Gun Club to get out to 1000 yards. There’s an upcoming Precision Rifle match at Altair next month, and I want to get decent DOPE on my long gun before the match.

Savage left handed

Back from the range (it’s Sunday evening as I type this) and I managed to get good, usable data out to 400 yards with the Savage until I packed it in for the day. The heat and the humidity were making for some brutal mirages which were obscuring the view in my spotting scope.

On the plus side, I did manage 1.25 MOA at 400 yards with Hornady Steel Match .308. I’m certain that’ll improve as I improve, and it will improve even more once I start working up a load for this gun.


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  1. Welcome to the South East. There is a single one hundred yard public range within easy driving distance of Downtown Atlanta that i am aware of. Oh and you better take a week day off it you want to go there because its packed on the weekend. Want more distance either join a private club or drive to the CMP range in Talladega.

  2. At least that bolt gun has the bolt handle on the proper side. 🙂

    Haven’t tried Hornady match ammo in my AR10. Fed GMM, HSM, and Black Hills match are what I’m feeding it when I get lazy and didn’t load anything.

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