Current Every Day Carry, Part Two

Shield carry

Last week, prior to the massacre in Orlando, I changed up my non-office concealed carry gear. I went from carrying a full-size 9mm handgun back to carrying a sub-compact 9mm S&W Shield, and added in a small trauma/1st aid kit to my belt, under my shirt. I weighed the benefits of having double the ammo on me with the P07 versus having a tourniquet and some Quikclot on me, and came down in favor of medical supplies. I have good friends who are really smart who suggest at least 30 rounds are the minimum ammo load to carry these days, but the 8+1 (plus another eight) in the Shield should be enough to get me to my home or to my car, where more things are there for my use (including more first aid gear). Also, I’m just as confident with my ability to make the shot with the Shield as I am with the bigger P07. I’ve shot the Shield in competition and I’ve trained with it as well. I know it works, and I know what I can do with it.

I decided to carry a trauma kit on me because “near me” is not “with me”. I’ve had first aid kits near me for quite some time now, but I decided to carry one on me because the 3-5 minutes it would take to retrieve a tourniquet from my car is also about as long as it would take for me or a loved out to bleed out from a gunshot wound.

That’d suck.

To see how everything carried and how heavy it seemed, I carried all that gear on a walk in the hot Florida sun up and down the beach Saturday afternoon. Believe it or not, everything there concealed under an untucked white t-shirt, and I didn’t notice the weight all. More importantly, no one else noticed it, either. Mission accomplished.

Clockwise from lower left:

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  1. Consider Gaffer’s tape instead of electrical tape. In the AZ or FL heat, electrical tape tends to become a sticky mess. Gaffer’s tape does not and it is just as useful.

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