The Cluebat Might Be Working


At least one writer is figuring out how STUPID the media sounds like when they talk about guns.

That gun writers crow when the media makes mistakes like this indicates how little regard there is for the media from the pro-gun community. There are several ways the media can remedy this situation. For starters, treat guns like any other beat (as the Guardian has done with Lois Beckett). Media outlets tend not to send sports writers to cover the Supreme Court or style writers to cover a murder. Ignorance undermines authority. If you want to report on guns, you need to understand the differences between various weapons and how they are used. Spend time at a shooting range and learn how to fire a gun. Be able to interview an NRA member without scorn or derision.

More over at Ricochet.

Update: The Guardian shows that you can do a report on the NRA without making morons out of NRA members. Well done.

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