Res Ipsa Loquitur.

aka “The Thing Itself”.

I may be wrong (and I probably am), but I think that Melody Lauer’s “Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian” course represents the future of post-CCW firearms training. Up until now, it’s been up to the people who take post-CCW training to apply the lessons they learn in-class to their lives.

It’s like taking a lesson in downhill skiing that’s all about edge control and balance, but nothing about how to actually go down a hill really fast. There have been attempts by trainers to contextualize what they’re teaching, but most of it has been focused around the idea of civilian training to a terrorist response. Look, I get that active shooters are a bigger problem now than they were ten years ago, (and I’m planning accordingly), but despite what’s happened in San Bernadino and Orlando, I’ve not been around an active shooter situation recently.
But have I had to guide my family thru a dark parking lot in a shady area of town late at night? Oh yeah.

I’m really hoping this becomes “a thing”, because I think things like this will be an important part of Gun Culture 3.0. It’s not a enough to own a gun for protection, you have to be able to use it well, on-demand in the context of your everyday life, and that’s what her class teaches.

If you buy a gun and don’t practice and train with it, you don’t have a defensive tool, you have a magical talisman which you hope will one day grant you the power to defend your life when called upon.

Me? My family left the idea of physical representations of protective supernatural power soon after Luther did some redecorating on the door of a cathedral in Wittenberg, but your mileage may vary.

As will your results.

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