“If You Can’t Do It On Your Phone, It Doesn’t Matter.”

That interesting quote was from a couple of weeks ago, from Stephen Miller, aka “RedSteeze” on the Conservetarian podcast.

And it got me thinking about just how much I rely on my phone for every day use. Thanks to the internet, we’re more empowered now than ever before, and thanks to the iPhone*, we’re more empowered in our daily lives than ever before. I’ve been saying for awhile now that it was the internet that is driving the changes in society, but maybe it’s not that. Maybe it’s having the internet in our hand that’s doing the changes.

Having a rifle or shotgun in the home for personal defense didn’t bring about a change in gun culture in the U.S., having own on your person outside the home brought about Gun Culture 2.0.

It’s not just empowerment, it’s personal empowerment that made the difference.

* Here’s where all you Android freaks talk about your mutant phones as if they matter. They don’t. Get over it.

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  1. Yup! The iPhone rules, from staying up on the latest ( which because Marky Zukerbergs boys “Curate” what we can see, it’s only recently that I Get a full dose of conservative news each day) to Postingbon my Bulldogges Page( hey, he’s up to 556 Friends!) it keeps an old man busy.

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