Upon Further Reflection…

  1. Cars break down.
  2. Cars have a tendency to break down at night.
  3. In really weird places.
  4. Where there’s no shoulder.
  5. So why don’t you have road flares (or reflective triangles) and a reflective vest in your trunk?

You DO know how to change a tire, don’t you?

And while I don’t recommend you go out looking for a fight, if you do find yourself in some place when carrying around an AR-15 in the open makes a lot of sense, I’m thinking that a reflective vest sends a clear signal to the other good guys out there that you’re on their side.

Call it a “Don’t Shoot Me First Vest”, if you will.

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    1. The thing is, though, that one saws “POLICE” on it, and impersonating a cop is usually a crime unless you’re Sting, Andy Summer or Stewart Copeland.

      A regular ol’ reflective vest gives you the same “don’t shoot me!” effect, without the misdemeanor.

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