The Next Logical Step For “Israeli Carry”.

Look, if you believe, as these guys do, that somehow, your gun just isn’t safe enough to carry around with ammo loaded in the chamber and the appropriate safeties engaged, why not take the next logical step and walk around with an unloaded, empty gun?

After all, if you gun is unsafe with a round in the chamber, isn’t even MORE safe without any ammo in it whatsoever? And you’re going to have to use two hands to chamber a round into the gun if you carry in Condition Three, why not use two hands to load and chamber a round when carrying in Condition Four?

Do it. Do it for the children.

Or just carry your guns the way they’re supposed to be carried, with a round in the chamber and safeties engaged.


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  1. It would seem to be an example of bureaucratic inertia. They originally taught that in the early years, when they had quite a varied assortment of small arms. That would make most any pistol functional, while keeping things relatively safe in transit for minimally trained fighters/soldiers. Their main focus has always been for soldiers, along with kibbutz security. Those don’t require instant response to personal attacks.
    Armed citizens has never been a big thing in Israel, as they are a typical socialist govt, uneasy with having the people armed. Partly it is the fact they have so many Arabs living there, I suspect, though no one I’ve talked to will voice that.

    Frankly, whenever I hear/read “Never Again”, I have to laugh, as the Jews have set themselves up to allow it to happen again, with their world-wide cultural antipathy toward armed citizens in general. They think our 2nd Amendment is a joke. Of all the nations of the world, you would think they would be most understanding of the basis for it. The fact is, most people learn nothing from History.

  2. My gun is in a locked safe at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. I can almost guarantee there will be no mishaps, negligent discharges or accidental shootings. It is very difficult to retrieve and make ready, but it is very safe.

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