This One Time, At Band Camp…

This was posted in a gun group that I belong to on Facebook.


What’s interesting is that when people commented about him escalating the situation by “yelling out the car window” his response was “I normally do that, but this time, it happened in a school zone.”

Think about that for a second. You can follow the rules 99% of the time, but that one time you don’t, you almost have to shoot someone.

“I do it all the time, but this time, I didn’t” means, well, you DON’T do it ALL the time, you make exceptions.

Was there any reason not to de-escalate here? Was he in fear for his life?

The prosecution doesn’t care about the 99 times you did it right. They will convict you on the one time you did it wrong.

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  1. The first thing would be to see if you can drive ahead through the intersection, or at least make a turn there. You DID leave enough room between you and the car you stopped behind to turn and go, without having to back up for clearance, yes?
    In this case, a Taser should be considered sufficient justification to use the gun. Your face is about the only viable target when sitting in a vehicle. If you lose one or both eyes to those darts, or die as a side effect of being shocked, or your family is injured or killed when your car darts forward toward that intersection after being shocked, guess what? You should have fired first. If it looks like a gun, treat it like a gun. You were way behind the curve.

    I’m thinking that no mental role planning was ever done by this guy for vehicle defense. He got really lucky.

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