The Mote Of Derp In Our Own Eye.

Tam posted this photo on Facebook over the weekend. It’s like the Moronic Derpvergence of Tactical Timmitude.


“His AR ‘pistol’ had a sh!tty Chicom flashlight & red dot, the fake Magpul BUISs were installed backwards, there was an AFG on the stubby forearm for some reason. The gun’s magwell sported a Punisher skull and he’d added a ‘You’re F*cked’ ejection port cover.

And he was wearing Kryptek, because of course he was.”

Look, there is nothing wrong with AR pistols (I’m building one myself right now). There’s nothing wrong with open carry (although if you NEED to open carry at a gun show, I suggest that you’re attending the wrong kind of gun shows…), and there’s nothing wrong with angled foregrips (in fact, I think they’re a good idea on AR pistols, because they’re a way for you to tell if your hands are in the right place on the gun, and not up by the muzzle where the blast from the muzzle brake can hurt them very, very much).

But bad sights, bad optics and pejorative ejection port slogans? Those are bad ideas.

The fact is, though, that there is probably a skeleton like this in our own closets. I know I’ve made some dumb mistakes in the past when it came to my equipment choices, however, I try (TRY) to learn from them.

There, but for the grace of God (and/or Tom Givens), go I.

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  1. On my first AR build I bought a crap scope and crap mount and had the expected results.

    On my current build I have that same crap mount(modified) and a cheap red dot(off a .22) for testing because I already own them but they are temporary.

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