A Carpet-Bombing of Truth.

“What we of the ‘cognoscenti’ fail to recognize and accept is that few average people will carry a service weapon.  Here’s why: a holstered Glock 19 is the size of a Small Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and weighs as much as two cans of uncondensed soup. What normal person wants to carry that on their belt or in their pants? Our continuing proselytizing for carrying a brick around is one of the main reasons only a small percentage of people who can legally carry actually do carry.”

Claude Werner

“To carry a glock 19 you have to want to carry a glock 19. A lot of people simply don’t want to carry something that big and therefore won’t carry something that big. Some people may scoff at the chocolate chip cookie sized .380; however, for a lot of people that represents the maximum inconvenience they are willing to put up with for what they perceive as a low probability event.”

– Mordecai Yitzhak

I recommend a Glock 19-sized gun for first-time gun buyers because it’s about the minimum size for a pistol that you can train with and practice with on a regular basis, and it’s also a darn handy home self-defense gun. Is it a good concealed carry gun for most people? Probably not. As I sit and type this, I have a “chocolate chip cookie sized .380” (I am SO stealing that phrase) in my pocket BECAUSE THAT IS ALL I CAN CARRY RIGHT NOW… and I’m lucky to get away with even that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again What’s the best camera for you, the non-professional photographer? The camera you have with you right now, and your ability to see photographs as they happen. What’s the best gun for you, the casual gun owner? The gun you have with you right now, and your ability to see danger before it becomes, well, dangerous.

Update: I wrote this post and queued it up yesterday, before I knew that Michael Bane was going to talk about these things on his podcast.

I gotta admit, though, I did like the old-school flow in that song, but then again, I’ve liked Chuck D’s music* since “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.”

* Music, not politics. There’s a difference.