Firmware > Hardware.

Thinking more about this post, another similarity between guns now and computers in the early 80’s was how all the computer manufacturers out there were scrambling around for a piece of the consumer market, and how almost all of them missed the big picture.

Zenith (remember them?), Tele-Tech, KayPro, Commodore , Osbourne and IBM’s PC division were just a few of the big names in computers that are long-gone now. They focused on the machine, and it ended them.

Kinda feels like the pistol market today. We’ve got the equivalent of IBM with Glock, and then after that, there is, um, err, ahh. In 1984, there was dozens of companies trying to shoehorn their way into the PC-compatible market, and that’s what’s happening today. Avidity, Honor Defense, Hudson Manufacturing, Canik (and now CZ as well)… the list goes on an on, and all of them are all, if I may so, pretty much all the same.

Gun companies might learn a thing or two from how  a couple of computer companies made it out of the scrum of the 1980’s computer market, though.

Microsoft: Microsoft focused on the operating system, the HOW behind what made computers run, and now, (despite their best efforts) they’re still around and doing well.

Apple: Apple focused on the WHY we used computers, and they’re now the #1 company in the world.

We’re not even in the beginning stages of “how” when it comes to guns, but I’m willing to bet we will be, and soon. Extending computers into a “digital lifestyle” is how Apple became #1, and the reality of a consumer-level “armed lifestyle” isn’t even on the horizon for us.