Just HOW Gun-Friendly Is Your State, Anyways?

I was kinda surprised how many limitations there were on gun ownership when I moved to Florida. This state has a reputation as being “gun friendly” (aka “the Gunshine State”), but in reality, it’s just not so, and it’s not just the lack of open carry. For instance, you don’t realize how much time you save on a busy Saturday at the gun store by not having to do a background check on a gun purchase if you have your concealed carry permit, as you do in Arizona. And then there’s the need for a concealed carry permit and a bunch of other things that  add up.

The Smoking Barrel has a great little round up of per-state gun laws that puts it all in perspective. It’s pretty useful, go check it out.

Also, it’s worth noting that there is a big difference between states that have good laws regarding gun ownership, and good laws that cover the defensive use of guns, and according to Andrew Branca (who knows a thing or two about this sort of stuff…) Florida has the best laws for armed civilians who need to (legally) defend their lives, so we got that going for us.

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  1. For instance, how TN, TX, FL, and the Carolinas, all of whose laws I am well familiar with, score higher than IN or NH is laughable.

    I mean, unless there’s some sort of ten-point score bump for being south of the Mason Dixon that makes up for the draconian firearms purchase permits of NC, or FL getting the vapors at the sight of an exposed handgun, or TN’s law that gives a circle-slash-Beretta the force of law, or Texas’s punitive Licensing system and pathological fear of guns in bars…

  2. Dearest Florida Statutes 790 is filled with many little mounds of crap that were added or simply not noticed way back when they were creating the CWP laws. It is the price we paid for being the “innovators” with a Governor and Media that simply hated the idea of arming citizens in the middle of the Cocaine Wars.
    Short of erasing 790 and starting from scratch, we are doomed to fix crap piecemeal.
    I have a good one for you: If by a miracle, NFA were to disappear and full auto goes the way of normal guns (By state), they would automatically become illegal in the State. (790.221)

    Yup, we have a lot to clean up.

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