Nine In The Side Pocket

I didn’t grow up with the culture of the six-shooter, so I never understood the attraction to revolvers. Yes, in bygone eras when the reliability of semi-automatic was an iffy proposition, it may have made a lot of sense to carry a revolver instead of a semi-auto.

But we don’t live in bygone eras, we live in the world of today, and these days, single-stack 9mms have become the new snub-nosed revolver.

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  1. There has been great improvement in the effectiveness of self defense ammunition in the past few decades. The pistol or revolver is the means of propelling a round towards the intended target. It appears that the performance of a modern .380 ACP JHP round from a Ruger LCP or Kel-Tec P3AT is comparable to a .38 Special JHP round from a S&W J-Frame Snubbie or a Ruger LCR, yet the pistol is much easier and quicker to reload under stress than the revolver, even when using speedloaders or speed strips. The pistol and spare magazines are easier to carry concealed.

    Want more performance? Move up to a 9mm Parabellum or .40 S&W pistol.

    Whatever you prefer to carry, carry. Find what works best for you and get beyond your excuses.

  2. It is an elegant weapon from a more civilized age…

    Seriously, though, there are a couple advantages:

    1. It can be fired from inside a coat pocket without the slide jamming.
    2. In a really close-range encounter, pressing the muzzle against your attacker won’t take it out of battery.

    Are those significant enough to offset the advantages of the modern semi-autos? Well, my EDC is a Kahr PM9, so obviously I don’t think so, but I can’t speak for everyone. But I can see realistic scenarios where those two things might be useful.

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