One Shield, Two Shield.

I ordered a new Shield for me a couple of weeks before I got that bad news about my job, and it showed up the same day I got laid off.

Timing is everything.

I bought the new gun for two reasons: I’m pretty much all-in on using the Shield as my primary carry gun now, and the model I own has the manual safety on it. I’ve not flicked that sucker on (intentionally) the entire time I’ve owned it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn itself on, which might seriously affect my first-shot speed.

The plan is to (eventually) outfit the new gun with Trijcon HD XR Sights and either move my Streamlight TLR-6 over to the new gun, or buy a new holster for it (I’m leaning heavily towards a Comp-Tac CTAC right now) and keep the other one as backup / dry fire.


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  1. Will you also replace the trigger with the Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Trigger Enhancement kit so that you will have the same trigger in both?

    With something like an inexpensive Boraii Eagle Pocket Holster you could have a New York reload there.

  2. I took my Shield to my favorite gunsmith and had him lock the safety off. I wanted it removed, but he advised against ti. Instead, he installed a set screw to hold the safety in the off position. When I get rid of it, I just have to get him to remove the set screw and it’s back to stock.

  3. Agreed. I’m also concerned about this manual safety. Just don’t want to get into trouble in a case when you draw your handgun and try to shoot with a safety set on.
    Warren, I like an idea of locking screw. Is there any video with more info on this change?

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