Julie Golob On The State Of The Shooting Sports.

Julie is a much, much better shooter than I am, and she’s been a professional shooter for quite awhile now.

She also owns more chickens than I do, but that is not relevant to the discussion today.

What is relevant is the talk she gave at the NSSF Industry Summit on what’s going on (and isn’t going on) with the shooting sports. Why aren’t the people who have CCW’s getting out to the range? Where are the disconnects?

The video below is worth your while, as it lays out the problem pretty clearly. I just hope the industry response to this won’t be “I know, let’s create ANOTHER shooting sport that only works in a pistol bay, where you’re standing still, shooting a .22! That’ll get people to bring their carry guns out to the range!”.

Simply put, new gun owners don’t compete (or train) because new gun owners don’t see it as a valuable use of their time and resources, and they choose to spend those items doing something else that they see as more valuable.

Period, full stop.

Want to get more people on the firing line or out to your match? Show them the immediate value of what you’re doing. Make the commitment of time, money and ego as low-key as possible. And for crying out loud, if they want to learn how to shoot the gun they bought for self-defense, don’t stick a .22 in their hand!

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  1. The single biggest way to get CCW holders, and others, to go to the range?

    A range that allows them to use a holster to draw from.

    Unless you are doing IPSC or similar, ranges don’t allow holsters. In the rare cases that do allow it, they exhibit a bit of discrimination. For instance, years ago, the local indoor range would allow cops, and students of Gunsite, to use a holster. FrontSight? Nope. Same Director of Training at both. Logical? Pffftt. Care to guess how often I shoot there?

    1. Amen, brother, amen. Expecting people to learn how to draw from a holster at a match is like expecting white belts to learn how to block a punch by being hit.

      Yes, eventually, they will learn, but will take a long time, and it will be very, very, painful.

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