Roots Radicals.

Listen to Michael Bane talk about what drove the birth of Gun Culture 2.0.

Learning the rules of gun safety… competition… drawing from a holster… moving with a gun… concealed carry…

We’ve won. Gun Culture 2.0 is now the dominant force inside the gun industry. Personal safety is now the main reason why people buy guns. Now that we’ve won the war, what are we doing to win the peace? What is the gun industry doing to keep the victory going?

What organization is out there doing the things to get people involved in their sport? That podcast is from 2011. In 2011, the iPhone 4 came out. Snapchat didn’t exist, and neither did Facebook Live.

In the past six years, what sport has encouraged growth by changing what they offer new gun owners*? What is the on-ramp to IDPA**? Where is the organization that is will do step up and help people gain enough confidence with their new gun that they a) carry it and b) compete with it?

‘Cause brother, I am looking for it, and it is nowhere to be found.

And yes, the title is yet another musical reference.

* NOT new shooters. There is a difference. Shooters insinuates that they shoot their gun on a regular basis. This is different from a new gun owner who buys a talisman of ballistic self-protection and keeps it unloaded under their bed.

** I will throat-punch the first person who says “Steel Challenge!” or some other sport where you stand still and shoot targets with a custom .22 is the answer to this question. Those sports are how we get people who have a safe full of guns out to the range, not how we get someone who’s just bought a Glock 19 as their first gun.

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  1. You mean like this?

    My wife and I are taking the above “Intro to USPSA/IPSC” class at our local range once the instructor ( )gets back from his next competition.

    The class isn’t currently listed on the range’s website ( but when we dropped by to watch a USPSA shoot last week we talked with Chris and he was happy to schedule a training class for it.

    My wife is heavily involved with The Well-Armed Woman ( and introducing new gun owners to their options in the gun culture is something they do particularly well.

    To my knowledge there isn’t the same kind of thing for men which is something that probably needs to be addressed. I know too many male gun owners that never shoot their gun. Most of them think they will just intuit the skills on demand.

    1. I really like TWAW’s model, and I agree, it needs to jump genders ASAP. All those classes (and Jeff and Robyn Street’s “Shoot and Scoot” event) are outlaw, non-sanctioned events.

      I like ’em. I think they’re good. We need more of them, and I think USPSA/IPDA needs to do something similar and make it official

      Or maybe even USCCA could jump into the act here with a shooting sport of their own, own that’s IDPA, but without the rules lawyers…

  2. GSSF has a program suited for new gun owners, allowing them to dip a toe into competition.

    1. … where you stand in one place and shoot at static targets and never, ever draw from a holster or move and shoot.

      I think GSSF isn’t bad. I think GSSF needs to move away from it’s Steel Challenge roots and get people doing stuff that they can’t do on an indoor range. Aside from the wide swings of the muzzle from target to target, the essence of a GSSF match (shoot at a bunch of things from low ready) can be done in a booth at your local bowling alley range.

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