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NRA Certs Now Mean NothingThinking even more about the training done by the new NRA Carry Guard program (I’ll eventually stop beating this dead horse, but not today…), what does this mean to Fred, your friendly local CCW instructor, who has gone to all the time and energy to get his NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home instructor certifications, (and maybe a few more as well)? He’s gone to NRA school. He’s sipped the NRA Kool-Aid. He’s maybe even drank deep gulps of it, and become a Training Counselor so he (or she) can train others how to be an NRA Instructor.

Then Carry Guard comes out with their “Gold Standard” of firearms training, and there is ZERO mention of NRA training, or training for the armed citizen of any kind at all mentioned in their program. According to Carry Guard, the ONLY way to reach the “Gold Standard” is to be a snake-eating SpecOps type for X number of years.

Gunsite, Massad Ayoob Group, Thunder Ranch, Rogers Shooting School, Rangemaster, any of that? Nope, doesn’t count, it’s SpecOps or nothing, baby. Not even the NRA is good enough to train the trainers in this NRA program.

Look at this from the perspective of Fred The CCW trainer: All his NRA certs just went out the window. The NRA themselves didn’t use their certifications as qualifications for their “Gold Standard”, they went to the SpecOps community instead.

Kinda disheartening, I would think.

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  1. Completely agree.
    I’ve been a ‘certified’ trainer for years, holding my NRA ‘Gun in the Home’ and further training by AZ DPS.
    Now, of course, per the NRA, this appears moot.
    I am also a Life Member.
    The NRA and I do not always agree…

  2. This. I drank deeply of the cool aid. Paid my fees. Taught Boy Scouts. Oh, and by the way, I have a bunch of ribboms, too.

    So does this mean my personal protection outside the home course I teach one weekend a quarter is worthless?

    What the fuck NRA?

  3. I’d agree with you as well, you kinda have to wonder if they’ve fully thought this through.

    It’s one thing for the NRA to roll out Carry Guard as a competitor to other’s insurance programs. It’s quite another for it to undercut their own firearm training programs and and at the same time dilute their own Carry Guard as an insurance program message, especially with the false starts (ie no 1911s etc, whereas their actual firearms training courses such as PPITH pretty much allows any reliable firearm).

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