Shoot Center Is Now Open In Cape Coral

So awhile ago, I wrote,

If I were Going To Open A Gun Store Today

After my time spent marketing two large gun stores, here’s what I do.

  • Make sure it had a gun range. Doesn’t have to be big, 12 lanes, 20 yards maximum. Maximum caliber, 308. Have good air conditioning in it, so people enjoy their time there. Encourage selfies and social media.

  • Emphasize training. Have a competition league on Monday nights.

  • Get a GREAT working relationship with either A Girl And Her Gun or The Well Armed Woman.

Shoot Center in Cape Coral is pretty much what I described.

It’s open, modern and inviting inside, not some cheap strip mall joint with stuffed animal heads on the wall and second-hand office furniture scattered about. It looks like a modern, clean retail store inside (something that is less common in the gun industry than you’d believe).

Retail gun store in fort myers

They’re set up pretty well: The training classroom is big enough to handle two dozen people in a class, a BIG deal when you’re trying to bring in big-name trainers in from out of town, and the store itself has the sort of things that a suburban gun owner might be interested in.

Shoot Center Range

The range itself is the best indoor range in SouthWest Florida (even nicer than my old shop). That range wasn’t really designed well: If you didn’t shell out the $$$ for a luxury membership, all you could do was shoot pistols in a 12 yard range (and dark and cramped 12 yard range at that).

At Shoot Center, the lanes go out to 25 yards, and they’re rated up to .308 caliber. I’m not a fan of shooting rifles indoors, but I’m not a fan of limiting consumer choice, either. One thing I really like about the range at Shoot Center is that the have a hand-washing station set up just outside the range entrance for shooters to clean off the gunpowder and lead residue after a shooting session.


If you’re tired of baking outdoors in the Florida heat and you want someplace to go shoot that’s as nice (or nicer) than the other stores you walk into, go check out Shoot Center. They’re showing the rest of SWFL how it’s done.

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  1. Looks like many the new ranges around Charlotte. They all have the same idea: make it easy to buy firearms, shoot them, and get trained. One range is bringing in Massad Ayoob this fall. Other “names” have been at the other ranges.

    Seems some folks get it, Kevin!

  2. Punching holes in paper gets old after a while. I would love to see a small bore “shooting gallery”. That would make shooting fun!

    1. Y’now, that’s not a bad idea. How many kids in the days of olde got into guns because of the good ol’ fashioned shooting gallery, where there was a little bit of recoil and a bullet impact, rather than a dot of light and a gust of air from today’s electronic systems.

      Heck, a larger version that could handle centerfire pistol cartridges and forced a shooter to move to two or three shooting positions , might be the answer to the “How do we get new gun owners out to the range question.”

      I will do some more ponderation on this topic.

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