The Dearth Of The Cool.

Let’s break it down:

  • Awareness of the martial arts started with American servicemen stationed in the Far East after the Second World War.
  • Martial arts became cool in America primarily because of Bruce Lee.
  • Martial arts became cool for kids to learn as a way of exercise / moral guidance because of the Power Rangers.

So why aren’t gun training and shooting competitions cool?

It’s not like we don’t have millions of kids running around in (virtual) environments shooting stuff with (virtual) pistols, rifles and shotguns. We have that already. Boy howdy, do we have that already.

And I find it interesting that you can make more money playing with (virtual) guns than you can competing with real guns. This is not true in any other sport. Real tennis pays more than virtual tennis, real football pays more than virtual football, and yet when was the last time you heard of a match offering a prize pool of $250,000 in cash?

Something is out of whack here, and someone will find a way to fix it.